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In the USA, plants of other genera such as Artemisia are often known as "Sages". These will be found under their appropriate genera and not in this section. Salvias generally require full sun, alkaline soil and good drainage, many are not fully hardy but make attractive conservatory plants. Most are edible to a greater or lesser extent. Although some are sufficiently beautiful to warrant a place in the ornamental border, it is their culinary and medicinal attributes that have earned them their place in history. Their anti-oxidant properties are currently being researched in the context of Alzheimers

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Artemisia ludoviciana    Louisiana sage
Striking silver foliaged plant for hot dry situations used to season pork. One of the dry garden essentials

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Artemisia tridentata  Sage bush
A particularly difficult desert plant about five feet tall, hates soggy English atmosphere, but essential for those re-creating John Wayne movies. Limited availability
Perovskia atriplicifolia  Russian sage
Lovely silvery-white foliage and sweet edible flrs. Strong and interesting fragrance. Delightful small shrub for full sun and well drained spot
Phlomis fruticosa  Jerusalem sage
No smell, no taste, no medicinal virtues, but grown because it is easy in a dry garden and has big yellow flrs which leave lotus root-like seed heads coveted by flr arrangers
Salvia apiana   White Sage
An attractive large felted sage from the American deserts. Ritually used to keep evil spirits at bay. Edible at a pinch
Salvia argentea  Silver sage
Biennial with great big woolley lvs, adored by slugs and gardeners alike so plant in thick gravel in full sun

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Salvia elegans  Tangerine sage
Crimson flowered sage with fascinating scent, not hardy but easy nevertheless

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Salvia guarantica  Anise sage
Who invents these daft popular names, I don't know. If you want aniseed, buy true Anise, Fennel or Agastache, meanwhile enjoys this for its magnificent oxford-blue flrs. Not fully hardy. Up to 6 ft
Salvia jurisicii  Feather sage
A small per which is genuinely fern-like. Probably has no uses except to amaze the on-looker. Fully hardy so long as it is kept dry in Winter
Salvia lavandulifolia  Spanish sage
Not to be confused with S hispanica, which comes from Mexico, this has narrow glaucous lv and very pretty deep blue flrs, tastes delicious too

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Salvia leucantha  Velvet sage
An ethereal Mexican with woolley scented lvs and woolley white-to-mauve flrs. Ideal for those fed up with garish flamboyance of bedding sages (which of course I don't sell) Slightly tender
Salvia mellifera  Black sage
It isn't black, but it does have a very strong and very peculiar smell which appeals to some people and most bees. Quite hardy if given good drainage. Rare in cultivation
Salvia microphylla  Black currant sage
Almost fully hardy. Whether or not you hate the smell, there is no denying the attraction of the scarlet flrs
Salvia miltiorhiza  Red sage
The very rare Chinese medicinal plant

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Salvia off var icterina  Golden variegated sage
Form similar to Evesham though less tolerant of extreme conditions and more delicately flavoured, pretty enough for herbaceous border
Salvia off var purpurea  Purple sage
Traditional in sausages, deep purple leaves ensure a welcome wherever it is planted
Salvia off var tricolor  Tricolor sage
Possibly the least hardy of Salvia off varieties, needs excellent drainage and some winter protection. Really rather useless but people like the prettily coloured lvs

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Salvia off. narrow lf  Garden sage
Seed raised, more subtly flavoured than above and taller flrs usually blue though can be pink or white
Salvia officinalis "Broad leaf"   Evesham sage
Traditional English stuffing sage, said to never flower, actually tolerates heavy ground. Unsubtle flavour will survive the worst efforts of incompetent cooks
Salvia pratensis  Meadow Sage
Short-lived English per native with very attractive blue flrs, should be planted more often

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Salvia rutilans  Pineapple sage
Not hardy, tall, Scarlet flrs and pineapple scent, try stuffing a duck with it (do kill the duck first)
Salvia tiliifolia  linden leafed sage
Attractive and rare sage whose leaves are mixed with barley water to make a refreshing drink in Mexico. Unusual Autumnal blue flrs
Salvia triloba syn fruticosa  Balkan sage
These days, the most popular culinary sage. Although not as tough as Evesham, it is a lot prettier
Salvia verbenaca  Wild sage
True wild form of this short lived aromatic collected by writer from a sheep pasture high in the Corbieres. Mucilage from seeds supposed to be good for removing foreign bodies from eyes. Used for seasoning across Europe
Teucrium scorodonia  wood sage
Nothing like sage, unusual greeny yellow flrs, used by home brewers